Runs previous command but replacing

Really useful for when you have a typo in a previous command. Also, arguments default to empty so if you accidentally run: echo "no typozs" you can correct it with ^z

By: root
2009-01-26 13:25:37

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^foo^bar replaces first instance of foo. If you want to replace multiple instances of a string, then you should use: !!:s/foo/bar/g
alperyilmaz · 630 weeks and 3 days ago
!!:s/foo/bar/g Won't work in bash. Instead, use: !!:gs/foo/bar
fletch · 630 weeks and 2 days ago
^foo^bar does not work in mksh
penpen · 629 weeks ago
Works fine in bash!! ex: ~$ lq -ltra lq: command not found ~$ ^lq^ls ls -ltra
unixmonkey8946 · 577 weeks and 5 days ago
Short notation for replaces all instances of foo with bar: ^foo^bar^:&
Testuser_01 · 476 weeks and 2 days ago
I think it's safer to reload the command and edit it
scavenger · 437 weeks and 5 days ago
!!:gs/^foo^bar this one is what i want btw,i want to kown how to reload the command and then edit it in an easy way like in vim ...
byrgl5 · 412 weeks and 6 days ago
@byrgl5 You can do this in bash. All You need is to put: "set -o vi" somewhere in your .bashrc and create .inputrc with following content (without line numbers of course :P): 1 "\e[A":history-search-backward 2 "\e[B":history-search-forward 3 set editing-mode vi 4 set keymap vi
mruwek · 397 weeks and 4 days ago
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