shell equivalent of a boss button

cat /dev/urandom | hexdump -C | highlight ca fe 3d 42 e1 b3 ae f8 | perl -MTime::HiRes -pne "Time::HiRes::usleep(rand()*1000000)"
Nobody wants the boss to notice when you're slacking off. This will fill your shell with random data, parts of it highlighted. Note that 'highlight' is the Perl module App::highlight, not "a universal sourcecode to formatted text converter." You'll also need Term::ANSIColor.
Sample Output
mike@charron:~$ boss
00000000  54 50 35 84 2f cf 99 ea  3b e1 60 eb 08 f1 54 35  |TP5./...;.`...T5|
00000010  78 86 70 26 9e 24 f8 92  10 da 08 3c 63 10 49 32  |x.p&.$.....<c.I2|
00000020  40 e7 6d 2b e1 ef 6e ad  bf eb 4c 55 aa 41 f8 2e  |@.m+..n...LU.A..|
00000030  d3 2c ef 83 a7 85 de 3b  88 cd ff 7d f7 42 31 ed  |.,.....;...}.B1.|
00000040  77 be 21 4f a0 5a bd e7  a1 4e d6 73 2d 74 b0 be  |w.!O.Z...N.s-t..|
00000050  75 c6 6f 6e 38 ac 54 69  6f 00 51 95 ae 7d 13 d3  |u.on8.Tio.Q..}..|
00000060  d9 a4 2c 81 8a 07 38 55  b3 45 e3 62 97 2e 86 ca  |..,...8U.E.b....|

By: doherty
2010-12-29 21:26:18

What Others Think

lol - nice idea :D Tailing logfiles might help creating a busy screen too... :)
bashrc · 577 weeks and 1 day ago
If you don't have 'highlight' installed you can use grep: ... | grep --color=yes -E "(ca|fe|3d|42|e1|b3|ae|f8)" | ...
flatcap · 577 weeks and 1 day ago
bubo · 577 weeks and 1 day ago

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