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May 19, 2015 - A Look At The New Commandlinefu
I've put together a short writeup on what kind of newness you can expect from the next iteration of clfu. Check it out here.
March 2, 2015 - New Management
I'm Jon, I'll be maintaining and improving clfu. Thanks to David for building such a great resource!

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Terminal - Commands by bugmenot - 49 results
npm list -g --depth 0
awk '{ total += gsub(/yourstring/,"") } END { print total }' yourfile
2014-12-16 21:00:45
User: bugmenot
Functions: awk

Count how many times a pattern is present into a file. It can be one or more lines. No overlapping. It means searching for aa on aaa will output 1 not 2.

echo something | awk '{ total += gsub(/yourstring/,"") } END { print total }'
2014-12-16 20:58:42
User: bugmenot
Functions: awk echo

Count how many times a pattern is present into a stream. It can be one or more lines. No overlapping. It means searching for aa on aaa will output 1 not 2.

for i in {0..255} ; do (ping 192.168.1.$i -c 1 > /dev/null && echo "192.168.1.$i" & ) ; done
2014-01-26 18:31:34
User: bugmenot
Functions: echo ping

Pings all the hosts on in parallel, so it is very fast. Alive host IP addresses are echoed to stdout as pings are responded to.

find /Applications -path '*Contents/_MASReceipt/receipt' -maxdepth 4 -print |sed 's#.app/Contents/_MASReceipt/receipt#.app#g; s#/Applications/##'
2013-09-28 15:44:32
User: bugmenot
Functions: find sed

Shows the OS X applications downloaded from App Store. Doesn't include manually added apps.

curl -s $1 | grep -o -i '<a href="//images.4chan.org/[^>]*>' | sed -r 's%.*"//([^"]*)".*%\1%' | xargs wget
2013-07-22 10:33:55
User: bugmenot
Functions: grep xargs

first grep all href images then sed the url part then wget

convert infile.png \( +clone -channel GB -evaluate set 0 +channel \) +append -region 50%x100% -channel R -evaluate set 0 +channel outfile.png
2013-04-30 20:46:02
User: bugmenot
Functions: set

Converts red-cyan 3D anaglyphs to side-by-side format viewable by crossing your eyes. Useful for people who don't have 3D glasses or prefer not to use one.

cat somefile | tee >(openssl md5 > sum.md5) | bzip2 > somefile.bz2
copy /b part.1 + part.2 + part.n file.extension
cat list.txt | pax -wd > archive.tar
cat /dev/zero | pv -L 3m -Ss 100m > /dev/null
2012-12-15 10:17:52
User: bugmenot
Functions: cat

This example will close the pipe after transferring 100MB at a speed of 3MB per second.

lftp -u user,pass ftp://site.com -e 'pget -c -n 6 file'
2012-12-11 16:18:52
User: bugmenot
Functions: lftp

This is for files only, for directories 'mirror' has to be used.

for line in `wget --referer='http://500px.com/' --quiet -O- http://500px.com/popular | grep "from=popular" | sed -n 's/.*<img src="\([^"]*\)".*/\1/p' | sed s/"3.jpg"/"4.jpg"/ | sed s/"?t".*$//`; do wget -O $RANDOM.jpg --quiet "$line"; done
2012-12-07 16:14:36
User: bugmenot
Functions: grep sed

This command downloads the actual 20 most popular pictures from the website 500px. It uses a random name due to the fact the the pictures in 500px are stored with the same name.

UPDATED: doesn't work if no referrer is specified: --referer='http://500px.com/'

lftp -u user,pass ftp://site.com/ -e 'mirror -c --parallel=3 --use-pget-n=5 "Some folder"'
2012-11-24 11:29:48
User: bugmenot
Functions: lftp

It works best if you first login and then do the fetch:

lftp -u user,pass ftp://site.com/

mirror -c --parallel=3 --use-pget-n=5 "Some folder"

star -c -v -f myarchive.tar -no-dirslash list=list.txt
sed -e "s,/\+$,," -e "s,^/\+,," file.txt
2012-11-02 21:08:30
User: bugmenot
Functions: sed

There can be more than one trailing slash, all of them will be removed.

cat file.txt | grep -v /$ > newfile.txt
dd if=mybackup.ab bs=24 skip=1 | openssl zlib -d > mybackup.tar
dd.exe --progress if=\\.\Volume{0b1a0cbe-11da-11c0-ab53-003045c00008} of=pendrive.img
2012-10-13 08:25:48
User: bugmenot
Functions: dd

Blocksize (bs) is not mandatory. It's only needed when the count option is specified.

xterm +u8 -fn mtx -maximized -T "There is no spoon!" -e cmatrix -bxa -u 3 & sleep .1s && wmctrl -r :ACTIVE: -b add,fullscreen && transset-df -a &
2012-09-28 04:46:28
User: bugmenot
Functions: sleep
apt-get install cmatrix cmatrix-xfont wmctrl transset-df

Need to restart computer for mtx font to work

Commands while cmatrix is running:

1 - 9 = Change speed

SHIFT + 1 - 7 = change colors

Q = Quit

Tested in Ubuntu 10.04

find ./ -empty -type d -delete
find ./ -empty -type d -print
find ./ -maxdepth 1 -empty -type d -delete
find ./ -maxdepth 1 -empty -type d -print