exit without saving history

kill -9 $$
this exits bash without saving the history. unlike explicitly disabling the history in some way, this works anywhere, and it works if you decide *after* issuing the command you don't want logged, that you don't want it logged ... $$ ( or ${$} ) is the pid of the current bash instance this also works perfectly in shells that don't have $$ if you do something like kill -9 `readlink /proc/self`

By: stu
2009-03-27 23:13:53

What Others Think

Doesn't `readlink /proc/self` return the pid of the readlink program rather than the shell's pid?
bwoodacre · 546 weeks and 4 days ago
heh, yeah, it does. So, time for me to stop assuming everything is a shell builtin :-)
stu · 543 weeks and 4 days ago
I like this better, since a kitten dies every time you kill -9. unset HISTFILE
syssyphus · 539 weeks ago
This is not a good way to do things because you are ignoring anything else that might be done in .bash_logout. A cleaner way to clear your running history is like this: OLDHISTSIZE=$HISTSIZE HISTSIZE=0 HISTSIZE=$OLDHISTSIZE Also, don't count on being immune from logging by the system as some servers might be running exec loggers, which are independent of the shell.
deltaray · 508 weeks and 2 days ago

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