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for x in `jot - 0 2400 25`; do curl "$x" ; done > commandlinefu.txt
I tried out on my Mac, jot to generate sequence ( 0,25,50,..), you can use 'seq' if it is linux to generate numbers, need curl installed on the machine, then it rocks. @Satya
Sample Output
$ for x in `jot - 0 2400 25`; do curl "$x"  ; done > commandlinefu.txt
# by David Winterbottom

# Serve current directory tree at http://$HOSTNAME:8000/
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

# change to the previous working directory
cd -

# Save a file you edited in vim without the needed permissions
:w !sudo tee %

# Runs previous command but replacing

By: satyavvd
2009-07-23 12:04:02

What Others Think

instead of jot, u can use seq
linuxswords · 645 weeks and 2 days ago
Nice work , most of have would not have read the site API ;)
hemanth · 645 weeks and 1 day ago
Nice work , most of them would not have read the site API ;)
hemanth · 645 weeks and 1 day ago
How does it work with "seq"? I don't have jot installed.
Neo23x0 · 645 weeks ago
Ah - got it for x in `seq 0 25 2400`; do curl "
Neo23x0 · 645 weeks ago
And now we all hammer the tar out of the API. :)
jbroome · 643 weeks and 6 days ago
It's really inconsiderate to hammer a site as quickly as you can; please don't do that. I suggest inserting "sleep 15; "
ger · 643 weeks and 5 days ago
curl can do this all by itself: curl -O[0-2400:25] Afterwards, simply cat all the files! No jot, no seq.
Dynetrekk · 643 weeks and 4 days ago
You can also use c-style for loops in bash: for (( x=0; x<=2400; x+=25 )); do sleep 15; curl ...
dennisw · 639 weeks and 3 days ago
Jeepers - I might have to put some capping on the API requests. Yes, a few selected "sleep" commands would be appreciated.
root · 638 weeks and 5 days ago
Create a temp directory to hold all the files downloaded. Then use "curl -O Then run this in the same directory to concatenate all the files into one single text file: "ls -1 | sort -n | while read mork ; do cat $mork >> commandlinefu.txt ; ls -ald $mork; done" The "ls" command is just to give you something to look at while this runs...
SuperFly · 636 weeks and 3 days ago
Hmm. Something got cut off. The curl command referenced is curl -O[0-2400:25], as suggested by Dynetrekk 7 weeks ago
SuperFly · 636 weeks and 3 days ago

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