Prints total line count contribution per user for an SVN repository

svn ls -R | egrep -v -e "\/$" | xargs svn blame | awk '{print $2}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -r
I'm working in a group project currently and annoyed at the lack of output by my teammates. Wanting hard metrics of how awesome I am and how awesome they aren't, I wrote this command up. It will print a full repository listing of all files, remove the directories which confuse blame, run svn blame on each individual file, and tally the resulting line counts. It seems quite slow, depending on your repository location, because blame must hit the server for each individual file. You can remove the -R on the first part to print out the tallies for just the current directory.
Sample Output
   2038 askedrelic
    433 john
    263 ryan
    186 alice
    167 bob

2009-07-29 02:10:45

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What Others Think

i wholeheartedly agree and thank you for this post.
josue · 633 weeks and 4 days ago
Thanks. Great contribution.
linuxrawkstar · 633 weeks and 3 days ago
bwoodacre · 633 weeks and 3 days ago
dorkusprime · 596 weeks and 2 days ago
sort -r should have been sort -nr (so that it sorts numerically, and not alphabetically!)
abdc · 516 weeks and 3 days ago
is there any way to limit this to show line count per day?
cmcguff · 503 weeks and 4 days ago

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