Put a console clock in top right corner

while sleep 1;do tput sc;tput cup 0 $(($(tput cols)-29));date;tput rc;done &
A nice way to use the console in full screen without forget the current time. you can too add other infos like cpu and mem use.
Sample Output
                                                         Qui Fev 17 08:27:29 BRST 2011

2011-02-17 11:13:19

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What Others Think

Wow, that's very cute.
flatcap · 545 weeks ago
tnks to @flatcap, I learn: man 1 tput man 5 terminfo there's so much options to play.
glaudiston · 545 weeks ago
that is really awesome.
gamefiend · 545 weeks ago
Clocks have been done to DEATH lately, but this one is the one I like. Props!
Habitual · 544 weeks and 6 days ago
Really cool >> .bashrc :)
rubenmoran · 544 weeks and 5 days ago
Really cool! >> .bashrc :)
rubenmoran · 544 weeks and 5 days ago
For real life use with text-packed consoles, a space in front may enhance readability a lot, like in while sleep 1;do tput sc;tput cup 0 $(($(tput cols)-29));echo -n " $(date)";tput rc;done &
bugmenot · 544 weeks and 2 days ago
This one just for the time beeing : while sleep 1; do tput sc;tput cup 0 $(($(tput cols)-$(date|wc -m)));date;tput rc;done &
mayrlin · 529 weeks and 6 days ago
This one works fine too : while sleep 1;DATE=$(date);do tput sc;tput cup 0 $(($(tput cols)-${#DATE}));printf "$DATE";tput rc;done &
mayrlin · 529 weeks and 6 days ago
while sleep 1;do tput sc;tput rev;tput cup 0 $(($(tput cols)-45));echo -ne "$(hostname -i) ";echo -ne "Load: $(uptime | awk '{print $10}') "; echo "$(date +%D\ %T)";tput rc;done & or this for a splash of color: while sleep 1;do tput sc;tput setaf 5;tput setab 3;tput cup 0 $(($(tput cols)-45));echo -ne "$(hostname -i) ";echo -ne "Load: $(uptime | awk '{print $10}') "; echo "$(date +%D\ %T)";tput rc;done & 2 extra spaces to account for XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
ctapyxa · 507 weeks ago
don't use with putty! killall bash saved my life when this commands started jamming the display
Mole · 498 weeks and 2 days ago
indilo · 308 weeks and 4 days ago
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seoexpert · 5 weeks ago

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