Push your present working directory to a stack that you can pop later

pushd /tmp
If are a Bash user and you are in a directory and need to go else where for a while but don't want to lose where you were, use pushd instead of cd. cd /home/complicated/path/.I/dont/want/to/forget pushd /tmp cd thing/in/tmp popd (returns you to /home/complicated/path/.I/dont/want/to/forget)

By: ruedu
2009-02-16 16:52:59

What Others Think

I recommend to alias pushd and popd to + and -, respectively. They are easier to remember and faster to type. alias +='pushd' alias -- -='popd'
hfs · 619 weeks ago
Try 'cd -' ..same
brubaker · 590 weeks and 1 day ago
cd - is not the same as it only remembers the last directory you were in. It's great for flipping between two directories, but if you want to "save" a directory long term then push/pop is the better way
ruedu · 590 weeks and 1 day ago
If you get really used to pushd/popd, you'll find yourself opening less terminals/screen windows. Also, typing 'dirs -v' will show you your current directory stack. If you type pushd without any args, it'll reverse the top 2 dirs in the stack. You can also rotate with pushd +n, -n, etc. See your shell's man page.
rkulla · 589 weeks and 2 days ago
I really liked the aliases created by hfs user, and added a "?" one for dirs -v :) alias +='pushd' alias -- -='popd' alias ?='dirs -v'
jmonteiro · 541 weeks and 1 day ago
Love this! Thank you! Been using cd - but this is way better
davethomas11 · 371 weeks and 5 days ago
This is quite possible the most useful command AND comments I've come across on this site. Props to @hfs and @jmonteiro on the aliasing, as well as @rkulla for the stack.
scurge · 323 weeks and 6 days ago
Had no idea what we would become house cleaning jacksonville fl
tillyracker · 6 weeks and 2 days ago

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