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  • It works extremely fast, because it calculates md5sum only on the files that have the same size and name. But there is nothing for free - it won't find duplicates with the different names. Show Sample Output

    find -type f -printf '%20s\t%100f\t%p\n' | sort -n | uniq -Dw121 | awk -F'\t' '{print $3}' | xargs -d '\n' md5sum | uniq -Dw32 | cut -b 35- | xargs -d '\n' ls -lU
    ant7 · 2017-05-21 02:26:16 0

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See non printable caracters like tabulations, CRLF, LF line terminators ( colored )
For fancier and cleaner output, try the following snippet : $ showendlines(){ while read i; do od --address-radix=n --width=$(wc -c

check open ports without netstat or lsof

Execute a command at a given time
This is an alternative to cron which allows a one-off task to be scheduled for a certain time.

list files recursively by size

find files containing text
I find this format easier to read if your going through lots of files. This way you can open the file in any editor and easily review the file

list block devices
Shows all block devices in a tree with descruptions of what they are.

Use default value if unassigned
Will use variable value (for variable $my_dir, in this case), an assign a default value if there is none.

Add all unversioned files to svn

Who has the most Apache connections.
This will tell you who has the most Apache connections by IP (replace IPHERE with the actual IP you wish to check). Or if you wish, remove | grep -c IPHERE for the full list.

Cut the first 'N' characters of a line
You can also cut charactes starting from X to N.

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