Monitor memory fine-grained usage (e.g. firefox)

watch "awk '/Rss/{sum += \$2; } END{print sum, \"kB\"}' < /proc/$(pidof firefox)/smaps"
Sometimes top/htop don't give the fine-grained detail on memory usage you might need. Sum up the exact memory types you want

By: gumnos
2015-09-19 00:36:34

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Was this submitted for the contest? It's missing the CLFUContest tag
sqweek · 331 weeks and 5 days ago
Interesting. I tagged it "CLFUContest, watch, awk, pidof" and none of the tags showed up. I edited and re-tagged it with the same set of tags and they're still not showing up.
gumnos · 331 weeks and 5 days ago
Turns out that I type faster than the tag auto-complete could respond, so I had to type each tag, wait a second for it to turn into an actual tag, click on the tag, type the next tag, wait, repeat. I think I've got all the tags in there now. Thanks, sqweek, for catching that.
gumnos · 331 weeks and 5 days ago
No worries. You taught me something new about /proc, would have been a shame for this to miss the contest :)
sqweek · 331 weeks and 2 days ago
Some things return multiple PIDs, eg: pidof firefox on my machine returns two pids. So I get "ambiguous redirect". Or if there are multiple commands: pidof ssh this command will fail. It probably requires a for or while loop. Even so, it's a handy concept.
GreyGnome · 331 weeks ago
great that i found this forum. People here are great. Learned alot. Keep posting more
Killersmile · 43 weeks and 3 days ago

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