checks size of directory & delete it if its to small

for i in *; do test -d "$i" && ( rclone size "$i" --json -L 2> /dev/null | jq --arg path "$i" 'if .bytes < 57462360 then ( { p: $path , b: .bytes}) else "none" end' | grep -v none | jq -r '.p' | parallel -j3 rclone purge "{}" -v -P ); done
only simple example how to combine rclone & jq
Sample Output
Transferred:              0 / 0 Byte, -, 0 Byte/s, ETA -
Errors:                 1 (retrying may help)   
Deleted:                0 (files), 3 (dirs)
Elapsed time:        14.2sTransferred:                    0 / 0 Byte, -, 0 Byte/s, ETA -
Errors:                 1 (retrying may help)
Deleted:                0 (files), 3 (dirs)
Elapsed time:        14.2s
2021/07/25 11:14:04 Failed to purge: unlinkat /mnt/anime/Anime/Fansub/Basquash! (2009): input/output error

By: dbiesecke
2021-07-25 09:16:03

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