Split a file into equal size chunks and archive to (e)mail account.

split -b4m file.tgz file.tgz. ; for i in file.tgz.*; do SUBJ="Backup Archive"; MSG="Archive File Attached"; echo $MSG | mutt -a $i -s $SUBJ YourEmail@(E)mail.com
This is just a little snippit to split a large file into smaller chunks (4mb in this example) and then send the chunks off to (e)mail for archival using mutt. I usually encrypt the file before splitting it using openssl: openssl des3 -salt -k <password> -in file.tgz -out file.tgz.des3 To restore, simply save attachments and rejoin them using: cat file.tgz.* > output_name.tgz and if encrypted, decrypt using: openssl des3 -d -salt -k <password> -in file.tgz.des3 -out file.tgz edit: (changed "g" to "e" for political correctness)

By: tboulay
2010-03-20 16:49:19

What Others Think

Awesome! What a great command for freeloaders who just want to take advantage of corporate generosity. Make sure when Google starts stopping people from doing this kind of thing that you complain loudly on your blog. Dirty corporations.
deltaray · 635 weeks and 4 days ago
@ deltaray, not that it matters, but where I work, and use this backup method, we pay google to host our email for 3 domains. It's far from free and definitely not 'corporate generosity'.
tboulay · 635 weeks and 4 days ago
So you pay google a lot of money to host your e-mail but you resort to backup methods like this to save money? :-(
deltaray · 628 weeks and 1 day ago
@deltaray .. A tape library, netbackup, offsite secure storage that's DR compliant + google hosting, .. or using the offsite, DR compliant, cloud space that we already pay for....
tboulay · 628 weeks and 1 day ago
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