Protect directory from an overzealous rm -rf *

cd <directory>; touch ./-i
Forces the -i flag on the rm command when using a wildcard delete.
Sample Output
root@server ~ # cd scripts; touch ./-i
root@server ~/scripts # rm -rf *
rm: remove regular empty file `file1'? n
rm: remove regular empty file `file2'? n
rm: remove regular empty file `file3'? n
rm: remove regular empty file `file4'? n
root@server ~/scripts #

By: ljmhk
2011-05-12 11:01:58

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What Others Think

kaedenn · 544 weeks and 4 days ago
Great. But why should you change directory? Just do the: touch /path/-i
netizen · 544 weeks and 3 days ago
I'm constantly tripping over the 'alias rm="rm -i"' that gets forced on me with Fedora/Debian Linux distros. I like this idea for a per-directory molly-guard.
Mozai · 544 weeks and 3 days ago
Unfortunately it doesn't save from rm -fr ./* or when deleting parent dirs: touch ./path/-i rm -fr *
aikikode · 544 weeks and 3 days ago
Very interesting but doesn't seem to work here on a Mac nor a CentOS 5.3 machine using bash 3.2 david@host /tmp $ cd a david@host /tmp/a $ mkdir ta tb tc david@host /tmp/a $ touch ta/-i david@host /tmp/a $ rm -rf * david@host /tmp/a $ ls david@host /tmp/a $
DaveQB · 544 weeks and 3 days ago
DaveQB ... did you read aikikode's comment? Works fine for me on Mac OSX.
unixmonkey21519 · 544 weeks and 3 days ago
My vote is up, but still it will not protect against rm -rf -- * Nice thinking though.
RanyAlbeg · 544 weeks and 3 days ago
safe-rm ( is another way of preventing accidental deletions through a blacklist of paths you don't want to delete (e.g. /bin, /usr/lib or ~/important_file.gpg)
fmarier · 544 weeks and 3 days ago
fmarier, that looks interesting I'll take a look. oh and thanks for the up votes guys, its not perfect but handy when training the junior sys admins.
ljmhk · 544 weeks and 3 days ago
If you really want to protect files from being deleted or change, even by root, use the chattr command: chattr +i Only works on ext2 systems.
laebshade · 544 weeks and 2 days ago
@unixmonkey21519 aikikode Must have posted seconds before me as I did not see it just before or I posted (or even after actually)
DaveQB · 544 weeks ago

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Any thoughts on this command? Does it work on your machine? Can you do the same thing with only 14 characters?

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