Show contents of all git objects in a git repo

find .git/objects/ -type f \| sed 's/\.git\/objects\/\///' | sed 's/\///g' | xargs -n1 -I% echo echo "%" \$\(git cat-file -p "%"\) \0 | xargs -n1 -0 sh -c
This script finds all git objects and `git cat-file`'s their content. This is really just a helper function to play around with the internals of git repositories. See of more info.
Sample Output
$ mkdir test1; cd test1; git init
$ echo hello | git hash-object --stdin -w

$ cd ..; git clone test1 test2; cd test2

# now we run the command and notice
# the objects have been cloned
$ find .git/objects/ -type f \| sed 's/\.git\/objects\/\///' | sed 's/\///g' | xargs -n1 -I% echo echo "%" \$\(git cat-file -p "%"\) \0 | xargs -n1 -0 sh -c
ce013625030ba8dba906f756967f9e9ca394464a hello

By: wires
2020-11-15 09:24:58

What Others Think

Just use the pipe char in §sed§ under most circumstances instead of forward slash cuz you most likely need to escape more forward slashes than pipes. Plus it makes it much more readable and coherent.
rautamiekka · 2 weeks and 3 days ago
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Selenagobella · 1 week and 5 days ago
it doesn't work. are there any other script?
looneyhans · 1 week and 2 days ago
nice it really works!
Killersmile · 6 days ago
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