clone an USB stick using dd + see its process

dd if=/dev/sdc of=/dev/sdd conv=notrunc & while killall -USR1 dd; do sleep 5; done
The following command will clone usb stick inside /dev/sdc to /dev/sdd Double check you got the correct usb sticks (origional-clone)with fdisk -l.

By: bw
2010-01-12 14:09:40

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I think you meant to use just one & in the above command. Otherwise it won't run the while killall until the dd is done. The problem with doing this is that if you do this as root or something on a multiuser system, you are going to end up sending the USR1 signal to any dd that is running. So you can imagine if another user was running dd and suddenly they say the status output from it, they might wonder what the hell is going on. You could use $! to get the PID of the last process you ran. However, in the interest of improving upon your idea, I found out something interesting about the dd command. Apparently, if you pass the USR1 signal to it too quickly, it just dies. If you just do something like this: dd if=/dev/sdc of=/dev/sdd conv=notrunc & while kill -USR1 $! ; do sleep 5 ; done At least on my system, the dd dies immediately, I guess because it received the USR1 signal before it could set it self up to trap it. So you have to do this in order to delay it enough so that you don't kill the dd: dd if=/dev/sdc of=/dev/sdd conv=notrunc & DDPID=$! ; sleep 1 ; while kill -USR1 $DDPID ; do sleep 5 ; done The DDPID=$! is needed otherwise you'd get he PID of the sleep 1 process.
deltaray · 656 weeks and 4 days ago
You are right, thx for the correction I noticed your observation too btw! About the dd dying.
bw · 656 weeks and 4 days ago
On OSX (Mountain Lion) dd wants `-SIGINFO`, not `-USR1` and also for some reason DDPID was being assigned the process *before* the current one so I had to run the signal loop in a separate terminal window after `ps aux | grep dd`-ing to get the process number. Thx though. I've learned a lot just now!
harikaram · 478 weeks ago
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Alyssalauren · 8 weeks and 1 day ago

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