Add timestamp of photos created by the “predictive capture” feature of Sony's Xperia camera app at the beginning of the filename

(setopt CSH_NULL_GLOB; cd /path/to/Camera\ Uploads; for i in DSCPDC_000*; do mv -v $i "$(echo $i | perl -lpe 's/(DSCPDC_[0-9]{4}_BURST)([0-9]{4})([0-9]{2})([0-9]{2})/$2-$3-$4 $1$2$3$4/')"; done)
The “predictive capture” feature of Sony's Xperia camera app hides the date stamp deeply inside the filename. This command adds another date stamp at the beginning of the filename.
Sample Output
'DSCPDC_0000_BURST20191215123205830.JPG' -> '2019-12-15 DSCPDC_0000_BURST20191215123205830.JPG'
'DSCPDC_0000_BURST20200119191047162.JPG' -> '2020-01-19 DSCPDC_0000_BURST20200119191047162.JPG'

By: langec
2020-04-12 06:20:59

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KurtisPowlowski · 12 weeks and 5 days ago
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