Find Duplicate Files, excluding .svn-directories (based on size first, then MD5 hash)

find -type d -name ".svn" -prune -o -not -empty -type f -printf "%s\n" | sort -rn | uniq -d | xargs -I{} -n1 find -type d -name ".svn" -prune -o -type f -size {}c -print0 | xargs -0 md5sum | sort | uniq -w32 --all-repeated=separate
Improvement of the command "Find Duplicate Files (based on size first, then MD5 hash)" when searching for duplicate files in a directory containing a subversion working copy. This way the (multiple dupicates) in the meta-information directories are ignored. Can easily be adopted for other VCS as well. For CVS i.e. change ".svn" into ".csv": find -type d -name ".csv" -prune -o -not -empty -type f -printf "%s\n" | sort -rn | uniq -d | xargs -I{} -n1 find -type d -name ".csv" -prune -o -type f -size {}c -print0 | xargs -0 md5sum | sort | uniq -w32 --all-repeated=separate
Sample Output
f2e6bb247f110dcab63b4d38ff7b2dee  ./themes/darkblue_orange/img/b_relations.png
f2e6bb247f110dcab63b4d38ff7b2dee  ./themes/original/img/b_relations.png

f5309bd2a2fc5e512a0cc38ac6f10c09  ./themes/darkblue_orange/img/b_deltbl.png
f5309bd2a2fc5e512a0cc38ac6f10c09  ./themes/original/img/b_deltbl.png

f60bfbb7ce218a55650c1abbbbee06ae  ./themes/darkblue_orange/img/s_lang.png
f60bfbb7ce218a55650c1abbbbee06ae  ./themes/original/img/s_lang.png

f63a5ad833147eeb94adb4496ddbec41  ./themes/darkblue_orange/img/s_theme.png
f63a5ad833147eeb94adb4496ddbec41  ./themes/original/img/s_theme.png

f6ae61146ce3de8fa11b9e84e086bd04  ./themes/darkblue_orange/img/bd_drop.png
f6ae61146ce3de8fa11b9e84e086bd04  ./themes/original/img/bd_drop.png

f95d66c11bfed9198d13a278269c32b2  ./themes/darkblue_orange/img/s_loggoff.png
f95d66c11bfed9198d13a278269c32b2  ./themes/original/img/s_loggoff.png

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